Zuercher Portal

Zuercher Portal

Sharing information is a big part of what public safety does. Zuercher Portal gives you a secure place where you can provide data directly from your Zuercher software system—within the limits you set—to the public, other agencies, and even your own employees.

A secure, web-based access point

Zuercher Portal allows you to set up a public entry point directly to your Zuercher software data. You can configure your system to pull the information you need automatically, such as media reports, cases, warrant lists, sheriff’s sales, sex offenders, or inmate rosters. You control who can access it and what you want to be seen.

Better public visibility

Provide information the public wants and give them a place to submit crime tips and comments, or request extra patrol. Your portal makes your agency more accessible and approachable, without taking up extra staff time to answer phone calls, compile information, or upload it to a website.

Internal and multi-agency communications made easy

Zuercher Portal is ideal for sharing real-time data with other agencies, such as fire, EMS, or game wardens. You can also set up a secure place for your employees to log in at any time on their smartphone, tablet, or home computer to reference a case, check the status or a warrant or civil paper, or just get an overview of what’s happening when they’re out of the office.