Zuercher Mobile CAD & Records

So much of your work is done at the scene, in the field, and on the street. Zuercher takes an innovative approach to mobile solutions through Zuercher Mobile CAD,  Zuercher Mobile Records, and our Field Ops mobile app. You should be connected and informed, whether you are in the dispatch center, in your patrol car, at the scene of a crime, or anywhere else you need to be. Our mobile solutions let you bring the power of your Zuercher CAD and Zuercher Records to work anytime and anywhere: on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

Stay safe with situational awareness

From your patrol car, you can silently and quickly search your Zuercher Mobile CAD database for background on a name, address, or vehicle, see 9-1-1 call information, run your own NCIC query, or learn about a warrant or BOLO before you encounter a suspect. Use your AVL to see your own location and where other responders are on the map, plus even assign yourself to a call.

Ditch the time lag

Everything is all there and all connected to your database, with Zuercher Mobile Records, a system that feels the same and works the same as Zuercher Records, but is optimized for your laptop. Everyone working a case can access and add information from multiple locations in real time to case reports, plus incident, arrest, property, or evidence records. Write eCitations with just a few keystrokes with data that auto-populates from state and NCIC queries and your master records database.

Your system on your smartphone

Field Ops puts essential data on your smartphone screen, with an app that works as well and is as easy to administer, as the apps you use every day. Get a CJIS compliant way to see calls for service and mapping data. Collect digital photos, audio recordings, and notes, plus upload them directly to your case right from the app. Smartphones truly enable a "smarter" approach to policing. Read how.