Zuercher Mapping

Zuercher Mapping

Being able to see what’s going on—and where it’s going on— helps you dispatch better. Having a mapping system that is tightly fused into your CAD lets you take that knowledge and move your people where they need to go even faster, with more information than ever. Zuercher Mapping is a feature-rich, but easy-to-use mapping tool created with the unique needs of 911 and dispatch centers in mind. Everything is designed to facilitate your process and improve response time.

Tightly integrated with your Zuercher CAD

Your actions in Zuercher Mapping are automatically entered into your CAD. You can initiate a call for service, assign a unit, or update a status right from your map. Use the same custom commands you use in your CAD window right from your map, or enter your commands in CAD and see it on the map. You’ll see who is closest to the emergency icons that identify key information, such as event type or priority.

Add extra layers of information

A click on the map is all it takes to learn more. Zuercher Mapping uses Esri-based mapping components to display the extra data you need. You choose what layers you view: county lines, ESN boundaries, mile markers, geographical features, digital orthophotography, and more. If your map data needs work, Zuercher has in-house GIS professionals who can make sure your data is accurate, updated, and properly formatted to work with your Zuercher Mapping.

See it now and again with AVL playback

Your dispatchers in the office and your officers in the field can access the same map, place a marker, and search for location information with Zuercher Mobile Mapping. Patrol cars can even use ‘follow me’ to track their location as they drive. Afterward, Zuercher AVL Playback lets you rewind and watch what happened and even export the results for use later.