Zuercher Jail

Zuercher Jail

Managing a correctional facility requires keeping track of a lot of data. Your staff has to stay on top of detailed history, medical, and financial records for each inmate, while making sense out of the daily needs and movements of the entire population of your jail or prison. As stand-alone software, or part of an integrated Zuercher system, Zuercher Jail provides a way for you see it all and manage it all, saving you time and improving security.

Book faster, book smarter

Zuercher Jail’s easy-to-use, configurable booking wizard lets you collect the information you need, review medical history, check in personal property, and make classifications, with detailed data right at your fingertips. Speed up your process with key data prepopulated from past bookings or pull in data from arrest reports and warrants.

Track the details you need

You can schedule inmate activities, medical appointments, and visitations. File incident reports and attach disciplinary forms to inmate records. Track meals, med passes, bond payments, bank balances. Do your work on the move with Zuercher Jail Extend, using a tablet to do headcounts, cell checks, and record inmate movement using individual or bulk movements. Zuercher Jail can also be integrated with barcoded inmate wristbands, biometric systems, and signature pads.

See the big picture

Zuercher Jail is your initial data-entry point and hub for most other types of corrections software you already use, integrating with AFIS livescan, commissary systems, inmate phone, video visitation, victim notification, and more. You can dig deeper into any of the details or use your data to analyze trends, create shift logs, schedules, and rosters. Configure your system to notify supervisors or create custom reports. Anything you do in your facility—staff movement, equipment counts, deliveries, even food preparation procedures in your kitchen—is all searchable and reportable.