Zuercher Civil

Zuercher Civil

Civil process service is an integral part of what your agency does. Your public safety software should treat it as more than just an "add-on" to your records management system. Zuercher Civil automates your civil process service, allowing you to serve civil papers, executions, distress warrants, and foreclosures, track service attempts, and calculate and collect fees with efficiency.

Choose your process, your forms

You determine what level of automation works for you, what reference numbers you want to track, and set your own processes and terms for different types of service outcomes. Use your own terminology and configure your system to generate documents that look like the ones you use now with data auto- populated from your civil service records.

Data access on the move

Access your service history from your desktop or mobile computer and enter service attempts, outcomes, and mileage in real time. You have the entire Zuercher database at your fingertips, allowing you to see criminal history and any alerts for the person you are trying to serve: warrants, other civil processes, officer safety flags, and more.

Add it up without the hassle

Zuercher Civil allows you to calculate commission, mileage charges, fees, and more, without having to re-enter information into financial software or manually add it into your records. You can easily generate invoices, receipts, and statements and track the financial details side-by-side with the rest of your civil process data.