Zuercher Administration

Zuercher Administration

A lot goes on behind the scenes to keep your operation moving. Zuercher Administration gives you an efficient way to keep track of all the things that keep your office, facility, and staff running. You can handle all the important details seamlessly right in the software system you already use every day.

Manage your property, people, and facility

Zuercher Administration lets you stay on top of personnel, training, inventory, fleet management, equipment, policy manuals, K-9 records, and more. All of your back office functions and the records that are involved with them are accessible and searchable within your system. Fine-grained permission levels control who can access your administrative system and what records they can see.

One single, fully-integrated system for everything

Ditch your spreadsheets and separate software systems to save time and avoid putting off tasks. Log fuel purchases right from your patrol car. Have certification deadlines or low-inventory warnings emailed to your inbox or automatically displayed on your software dashboard.

Administration done your way

You can configure your system to follow your procedures and provide individual employees with the data and reminders they need to do their work. Zuercher Administration lets you design workflow rules, approval processes, and notifications, plus create your own custom forms to attach agency-specific documents to your records.