Full Spectrum. Totally Integrated. Technically Advanced.

Zuercher Suite provides a highly configurable, end-to-end public safety solution for small to medium public safety agencies across the country. Zuercher is a one-application, one-database solution, designed from the ground up to work as a fully-integrated system.

You can choose from our full spectrum of software solutions which work in concert: CAD, Mapping, Records, Mobile, Civil, Financial, Jail, and more. Add more modules any time you choose. With Zuercher, your software does what it’s supposed to do. It stays in the background, working really well, all the time so you can focus on public safety. It’s efficient. It’s simple. As it’s supposed to be.

One Company. One Application. One Vendor.

Zuercher products were designed from the ground up as one application. What that means for you is true integration. Other companies claim to have integrated systems, but they’re often piecemeal modules with clunky interfaces that pass data back and forth. Which isn’t the same as true integration. There’s beauty in the simplicity of Zuercher software. You learn one system. Use one database. Deal with only one vendor. It saves you time and dollars. Frees you up to do your job. Read more

Created to configure. Designed to deliver.

No two agencies have the same processes. But having a totally customizable system costs more than most agencies can justify. We understand that. Our software is designed to be configured to meet your needs. Which means it’s less expensive up front, and easier to support and update. Our system guides you through establishing the tools you need to support the way your agency works. Our system lets you create your own forms and reports. You decide what you need. We’ll help you configure it any way you like.
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Your system. Our responsibility. Forever.

When you work with Zuercher, we want your system to work the way it’s supposed to. That’s why we provide servers. We install them at your location and maintain them. They’re our responsibility. Not yours. What does that involve? Zuercher manages, monitors, handles backups, and updates and upgrades your servers. Some of these things happen every few minutes. Others daily or monthly or yearly. It’s a level of service that’s pretty unusual. And it’s the only level of service we offer.
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Real service. Not just lip service.

Public safety happens around the clock. And so does Zuercher’s support. We have live humans answering the phone 24 hours a day, every day of the year, plus our web-based customer support center. Our technical support staff has real people skills and a passion for providing fanatical support. Our software is easy-to-use, but we also understand that ongoing training makes it even easier. We make sure you’re thoroughly trained, trained again, and trained on an ongoing basis. We want you to get the most out of your Zuercher software.