By optimizing operational workflow and data capture capabilities, law enforcement personnel are armed with better information when it matters most. IMC RMS is a Law RMS software that facilitates effortless data entry, management and reporting. From incident to investigation to arrest, critical information is entered only once and is easily accessible from other applications—entered once but searchable by all.

Seamless integration for one-time entry

IMC RMS seamlessly integrates with all the other IMC modules so much of the information that Officers need to report is quickly backfilled including CAD call data, Vehicle Owner/ Operator, etc.

Streamline processes with enhanced incident and arrest features

Officers can begin the booking process, complete reports and narratives, and submit UCR/NIBRS-compliant reports simply and effortlessly.

Attachments for case integrity

Imagine being able to attach a variety of files to a single report including evidence videos, suspect interviews, scanned statements, etc. The Attachment module keeps everything related to the case, with the case. Simple discovery, simple retrieval, enhanced case integrity.

Google Maps integration

Harness the power of the Google Maps™ interface to draw accurate Crash diagrams. Create powerful, budget-enhancing maps to show levels of deployment and demand, as well as Calls for Service history.

Custom forms at your fingertips

Each department has unique processes which require custom forms. IMC RMS equips users with a Microsoft Word® interface to build their own custom forms in Microsoft Word. These forms utilize Power Fields (also used for Narratives) for quick backfilling and data accuracy.