IMC Mobile

IMC Mobile

Keeping officers on the road deters crime and saves money. Through in-vehicle computer access, IMC Mobile extends dispatch and records to the field to enhance productivity. Officers no longer need to rely on radio traffic for dispatch notification or query returns, nor do they need to travel back to headquarters for paperwork or administrative duties. With nearly every task able to be completed from the field, IMC Mobile brings the office to the field—saving time, saving money, and saving lives.

CAD capabilities from the field to minimize radio traffic

IMC Mobile provides a seamless extension of CAD and Records Management data for field reporting. Officers receive dispatch notifications, assign themselves to incidents, communicate with other mobile units, or conduct NCIC, NLETS, and state queries from their vehicle to minimize radio traffic.

Seamless integration to RMS for improved productivity

Mobile provides "station-in-a-car" functionality. Field personnel can access, enter and edit cases and other field reporting data, directly to RMS, Fire RMS or Detective.

Instant notifications and alerts to keep our personnel safe and protected

A crucial component of keeping your personnel safe is to increase situational awareness. With IMC Mobile, personnel receive up-to-date incident information as well as hazards, caution notes, and preplan information.

Deliver operational missions to field officers

NEARme supplements IMC Mobile by pushing proximity-based information to officers in the field. Calls for service, incidents, and person data are delivered to officers, based on where they are located. Optimize your patrol strategies and enhance situational awareness while on the move.