The day-to-day operations of a Fire Department can be complex, but your Fire records management software should make the job easier. IMC Fire RMS is an enterprise-level Fire records management solution to manage the daily operations and reporting requirements for Fire Departments. To make things even easier, data in Fire RMS can be entered and edited from the field when combined with IMC Mobile.

Advanced incident tracking to maintain compliance

Full incident reports, including narratives and images, can be created through IMC RMS. In order to maintain compliance, IMC Fire records management software has been tested and certified as meeting NFIRS 5.0 reporting standards and has the flexibility to support state reporting standards.

Detailed reporting and analysis tools for informed decision making

IMC Fire RMS features 165 tabular and 152 graphical NFIRS analysis reports to quickly view and analyze records. Analysis reports can also be generated for inspections, violations, permits, and attendance.

Seamless integration to gain operational efficiencies

IMC Fire RMS is a comprehensive solution that can be used as a standalone system. True efficiencies from the IMC Fire records management software are realized when used as part of the IMC product suite—where data is entered in one place and immediately accessible from CAD and Mobile.