IMC Cross Agency

IMC Cross Agency

When criminals go on multi-county or even multi-state crime sprees, IMC Cross Agency provides valuable, real-time information sharing so investigators and field personnel have access to a subject's case history with other agencies. Through secure, real-time access to records information and case data with neighboring law enforcement agencies, Cross Agency software facilities agency interoperability and provides real-time information sharing.

Catch more criminals faster to increase the safety of the community

With Cross Agency search capabilities through IMC Mobile, officers in the field can quickly learn if people have criminal records or have been involved in incidents in other communities. With just a few keystrokes, officers in the field receive critical criminal information from neighboring departments to apprehend suspects and make an immediate arrest.

Access more information with Cross Agency instant search

Access more information at your fingertips with IMC’s Cross Agency data sharing. Through a hub-and-spoke network, officers can search, share, and receive master name and case reports from neighboring agencies in real time for instant interoperability.

Flexible settings to maintain security of records

Participating agencies develop memorandums of understanding which dictate policies on what data to share, how to use it and any other restrictions. Security settings can be set on the global, agency, and individual record level to maintain data integrity and security.