IMC Civil

IMC Civil

Serving legal documents throughout the county can be a time intensive process. IMC Civil simplifies and automates civil process, tracking and accounting. Part of the IMC Public Safety Suite, Civil integrates with RMS Master Names to cross check defendant and plaintiff information and provide alerts to enhance the safety of deputies and process servers.

Simplify entry with configurable forms and database fields

For ease of use and to simplify entry, the electronic input form in Civil is designed to be similar to the paper forms to which your servers are accustomed. The information in the forms and data entry screens is arranged in the order they are most frequently used.

Complete tracking capabilities for statistical and historical reporting

IMC Civil tracks all service attempts and fees and provides statistical and historical reports on every data field captured during the process. With an integrated cash receipts system, including invoice and receipt generation, Civil provides a complete money management system for full financial reporting and accountability.

Seamless integration to efficiently manage the entire workflow of Sheriff Departments

IMC Civil is a comprehensive civil process solution that can be used as a standalone system. True efficiencies from IMC Civil are realized when used as part of the IMC public safety product suite—in which data needs to be entered only one time and only in one place. Civil system integrates with IMC RMS Master Name file and defendant and plaintiff information.