Sheriff’s Office Solutions


Zuercher has worked with sheriff’s offices across the nation to develop a software solution that tracks and manages every detail.

Sheriff’s offices really do it all. So does Zuercher software. Zuercher has computer-aided dispatch, integrated mapping, records management, property and evidence, mobile data, jail management, civil process and warrant tracking, financial management, administration, reporting, and much more.

Fast and efficient, Zuercher can streamline your entire office. Configure your software to fit your workflow and business requirements. Create your own custom modules and forms. Use the built-in reporting to fully leverage your own data.

Your system is our responsibility. Plug it in and we take care of the rest. We provide and manage your servers. Handle your backups. Maintain, update, and upgrade your system. And we are downright fanatical about training and support.

There are many reasons why sheriff’s offices rely on our integrated solutions, including:

Our 911 is a proven, fully scalable call-processing solution. Zuercher also offers CAD+911, bringing together 9-1-1 call processing with CAD’s ability to take action

Zuercher's CAD and Mapping are the tools you need to respond quickly and efficiently to calls for service. Whether you have a stand-alone dispatch center or are part of a large multi-jurisdictional team.

Records is an easy-to-use records management system, designed to let you really use your records. Consolidate and automate your records processing. When your data is accessible and everyone is connected, you’re better informed. Able to do your work more effectively.

Our Mobile CAD and Mobile Records give you the power to use your software in the field and on the street. Harness the full power of your RMS, plus eCitations and accident reporting.

Take your jail management to the next level with our Jail solution. Get new efficiencies – from booking to inmate scheduling. You’ll have the data you need to keep on top of the tiny details and see the big picture in your facility.

Civil lets you automate your civil  process service. Take care of the financial follow-up. Track every service attempt and calculate fees. And the data becomes part of your agency's complete records system.

Our solutions for Financial and Administration help you handle the back-office duties and track office resources. Integrate your financial and internal agency processes right into the software you use every day.

Choose the modules that make sense for your sheriff’s office. It’s all designed from the ground up to work together. It’s simple. It really works. And it just makes sense.