Union County to get Zuercher

July 3, 2018

UNION COUNTY — In the near future “Zuercher” will be playing an important role in making the operations of the Union County Sheriff’s Office, Union County Jail, and Union County Detention Center more efficient. During its June meeting on Tuesday, June 19, Union County Council voted unanimously to authorize Supervisor Frank Hart to sign a commitment for a lease-purchase agreement with Zuercher Technologies.

In presenting the proposal to council, Hart said that the county would be committing to purchase records management software from the company for the Sheriff’s Office, the jail and the detention center. He said that Zuercher had agreed that, if the county signed a commitment to purchase agreement now, it would give the county a 10 percent discount on the software. Hart said that this would reduce the price of the software itself to $198,000. He said that installing the software would also require upgrading the county’s routers and data infrastructure which would cost $50,000 bringing the total cost to approximately $250,000.

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