TriTech and Zuercher Announce Strategic Partnership with Samsung Electronics America

August 9, 2017

TriTech and Zuercher Announce Strategic Partnership with Samsung Electronics America to Bring Wearable Technology to Public Safety Responders

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 9, 2017) — TriTech Software Systems and Zuercher Technologies announced today that it is working with Samsung Electronics America, Inc. to develop wearable “smart” device applications and capabilities built specifically for public safety professionals using the Samsung Gear S3. Today’s first responders are required to carry more and more equipment to effectively keep the public and themselves safe. The last thing they need is another bulky electronic device to juggle. But as technology continues to improve, so does the ability to equip first responders with information that doesn’t get in their way. Sending and receiving data to the individual responder offers an incredible level of time-saving efficiency, real-time access to information that can help keep officers safe, and leverages intelligence from data created across the public safety ecosystem. For years TriTech has developed innovative Computer Aided Dispatch, 9-1-1 Telephony, Records Management, and advanced Analytics products. These extended to the field with Mobility solutions for laptops, tablets, and phones. And while the need to leverage automation and access information in the vehicle exists more than ever, we must consider how technology can assist when the responder is out of the car.

  • As use cases are developed, prototyped, and validated with users in real-world scenarios, more information from first responders will be made immediately available to the dispatch center, field supervisors, and assisting units.
  • Examples of such scenarios in which the Samsung Gear S3 can collect and immediately distribute data to the people and systems that can assist might include:
    • GPS coordinates to pinpoint an individual’s location
    • Detection of motion to indicate an officer in pursuit or in need of assistance
    • A simple officer-initiated function to declare an emergency
    • A series of quick pulses from the watch to indicate a “hot hit” on a subject or vehicle, or the presence of other critical information to alert an officer instantaneously with only a glance at their wrist
  • Development and testing of TriTech technology on the Samsung Gear S3 is expected to continue into early next year. However TriTech is introducing the next generation of its smartphone solution, Field Ops, at the APCO Conference in Denver, CO, August 14 – 15, 2017 (booth #1615 / #1611). Field Ops provides instant access of information from CAD to the officer’s phone.

Supporting Quotes:
Scott MacDonald, Vice President of Public Safety Strategy for TriTech
“When a law enforcement officer is in the field, their attention must be on the situation—their surroundings and the people with whom they are interacting. Technology should be a silent assistant in those scenarios and not distract from what is most important. When we first learned about Samsung’s wearable offerings like the Gear S3, we knew that a partnership to create a powerful platform on which we could extend the power of our CAD and RMS solutions would make it available where it is needed most—to the individuals in the field. Likewise, it becomes a powerful tool for scene safety.

Jan Ruderman, Head of Public Safety Sales for Samsung Electronics America
“We are excited to partner with a company like TriTech. The combination of our Gear  S3 wearable devices with applications built by TriTech creates a next-generation solution for those who are asked to serve and protect. We look forward to seeing the results of this partnership with TriTech and what it will mean for the safety and productivity of first responders.”

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