First Agency Goes Live with Zuercher Field Ops Mobile Application

December 27, 2017

Sioux Falls, SD (December 27, 2017) – Detroit Lakes Police Department is the first agency to go live with Zuercher Technologies’ innovative new mobile application, Field Ops. The central Minnesota agency says that the application is already “revolutionizing” how they collect digital evidence in the field. 

Key Facts: 
• Field Ops is a user-friendly app designed to give first responders a secure, efficient way to use smartphones or tablets to stay on top of situations and save time. The application is fully integrated with the agency’s Zuercher CAD and Zuercher Records systems, allowing officers to see essential 9-1-1 call data, collect photos and digital recording, and upload it directly to their
reports and records, plus map locations on the move. 
• Officers can download the mobile app to their devices, and easily log in with their existing software credentials. Field Ops is easy to use and administrate, plus fully secure and compliant with federal regulations for criminal justice data. 
• The Detroit Lakes Police Department serves a busy lake resort community that is popular year-round for fishing, skiing, and other outside activities. The department is part of a multi-agency system that went live with Zuercher Suite software earlier this year.
• The agency values Field Ops as an in-the-field tool that saves crucial time. Officers can use their smartphones to record interviews or take photos and instantly upload them directly to case files and reports. Digital audio recordings and photo evidence can then be accessed easily and efficiently by investigators or other officers following up on a case without having to locate the images or sound recordings on a separate server or file list.

Supporting Quotes:
Chief Steve Todd, Detroit Lakes Police Department, MN
 “Being able to use a smartphone to collect digital evidence in the field is something that is really important for departments like ours. To have everything in one place—to do it in one stop— is revolutionizing our process and provides a huge time savings. It’s a groundbreaking new product and this is the way that technology will be moving for law enforcement. We’re proud to be on the forefront of this new technology.”


Zuercher Technologies provides a comprehensive public safety software solution to agencies across the U.S. under its flagship product, Zuercher Suite, encompassing computer-aided dispatch, mapping, records management, jail management, civil process, criminal investigations, crime analysis, agency financial, agency administration, and mobile CAD and records. Founded in 2003, Zuercher Technologies is based in Sioux Falls, SD. Zuercher is part of TriTech Software Systems, which is the largest public safety software company in the world with over 3,500 agency installations serving 255+ million citizens in 16 countries.