Dispatch Solutions


Zuercher gives 9-1-1 communication centers and PSAPs powerful tools for responding quickly and efficiently to emergency situations and other calls for service.

Dispatchers are the first voice “on the scene.” They receive and transmit mission critical information. Help callers stay calm and informed. Zuercher dispatch software is designed to help communication centers collect data and keep everyone safe. Get responders where they need to be—faster.

Zuercher's CAD+911 brings together 9-1-1 call processing with CAD’s ability to take action. In one solution. Call takers can prioritize, incorporate your data into your workflow.  

Zuercher 911 is a proven, fully scalable call-processing solution. Seconds count: no matter how a call comes in.  Put your dispatch center at the forefront of NG9-1-1, with the ability to manage voice, text, and multimedia in the same user interface. 

Our CAD is highly configurable with real-time call updates and system-wide people and address alerts. Every feature is designed to increase efficiency. To reduce response time. You can use it as a standalone system or as part of an integrated Zuercher software system.

Zuercher's Mapping is tightly fused with CAD. See what you need to know to route your responders to calls as quickly as possible. Get a true big picture with incident plotting, AVL, routing, and additional layers of GIS data right on your map.

The system is designed to be easy to use. Making your dispatching and call taking more streamlined. More effective. You can configure your system to use the commands you’re familiar with. Follow the workflow that makes the most sense to you.

Mobile CAD lets you extend your CAD into the field. Put the powerful functionality of CAD into the hands of the people who need it most. When they need it most. Mobile Mapping puts the same map that dispatchers are using in your squad car. You have situational awareness right on the screen.

AVL Playback lets you push rewind, and watch the action on your dispatch map. If you have a need to follow-up on what happened with a call, you can see exactly who was where and when. Just the way it transpired.

Choose the modules that make sense for your dispatch center. It’s all designed from the ground up to work together. It’s simple. It really works. And it just makes sense.