Corrections Solutions


Zuercher jail management software is the ideal system to manage your facility—whether you have ten inmates or thousands of inmates in your care.

Jails, prisons, and detention centers have to take care of the big picture. And track countless tiny details. Zuercher jail management software is easy to use, but won’t make you sacrifice your data collection requirements. Get all the information you need. Make your facility more efficient. More secure.

Zuercher's Jail software is designed to save time and increase security. Streamline every stage of your process: from booking to daily activities to inmate release. Record keeping is simplified. Access your information instantly. Everyone can stay up-to-date and in-the-know on daily jail operations and big picture inmate management.

Your system is our responsibility. Plug it in and we take care of the rest. We provide and manage your servers. Handle your backups. Maintain, update, and upgrade your system. And we’re passionate about training and support. There are many reasons why jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities rely on our integrated solutions, including:

Zuercher’s JMS is a robust corrections software system. Use it as a standalone product. Or as part of an integrated Zuercher software system.

Configure your booking wizard workflow to match your booking process. Use your own customized forms for inmate classification. Pull in information from past bookings or from your other Zuercher records.

Plan, schedule or track everything you need, from inmate activities and work shifts, to rosters and waiting lists. You can use individual and bulk actions to record movement and track meals, medical passes, or visitation.

Reporting is simple with an easy-to-use report generator built into your software that lets you create your own agency-specific reports. Tablet functionality lets you do headcounts, cell checks, and track other inmate movement while you walk through your facility.

Your jail system can be integrated with AFIS livescan, inmate phone programs, commissary programs, cell-check systems, and many other third-party interfaces.

Choose the modules that make sense for your correctional facility. It’s all designed from the ground up to work together. It’s simple. It really works. And it just makes sense.