About Us

At Zuercher Technologies, we’re empowering public safety professionals in the important work they do by raising the bar for what they can expect from their software.

Our Zuercher Suite product is a comprehensive, technically advanced system that encompasses computer-aided dispatch, mapping, records management, mobile CAD and records, jail management, civil process, criminal investigations, crime analysis, agency financial, agency administration, and much more.

We only do public safety software. And we do it right.

We work tirelessly to enhance our products. To keep pace with changes in technology and in the world of public safety. And to provide a fanatical level of customer support. (Yes, we said fanatical.)

We’re on a mission to make a significant, positive impact on the public safety software industry. We’re driving hard toward that mission and expanding our reach as more and more agencies choose Zuercher.

Zuercher Technologies is based out of Sioux Falls, SD and is part of TriTech Software Systems, which is the largest public safety software company in the world with over 3,500 agency installations serving 255+ million citizens in 16 countries.