Welcome to the new Zuercher blog!

As anyone who’s met us knows, we here at Zuercher are incredibly passionate about what we do. We’re excited to kick off this new forum for sharing our experiences and perspectives on the technologies that empower public safety.
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What will help my staff to not have excessive chest pain during the transition to NG9-1-1?

Anxiety over NG9-1-1 is real. Learning about the end goal – saving lives, saving time, using the latest technology over the long term – might change your perspective about transitioning to NG9-1-1 from a “have to do” to a “get to do”.
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CAD+911: Developed from the Communication Center Point of View

When I joined Zuercher, I learned I would be working on something revolutionary: deeply integrating 9-1-1 and CAD systems to create an easier workflow. As a former communications center supervisor, I’m deeply committed to this mission.
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