Introducing CentralSquare Technologies, a merger of four leaders in public sector software—Superion, TriTech along with Zuercher, and Aptean’s public sector and healthcare business.

Designed As One

It's more than integrated. Zuercher Suite is built from the ground up as one application, one database, from one company.

There's beauty in the simplicity of Zuercher software. Zuercher software really works, saving you time and dollars. Your software is easy to use. It's configurable and grows with you. Your team has the information they need to do their job-keeping everyone safe.

The Power Of Shared Data

Get the power of Zuercher Records at your fingertips-no matter where you are.

Instant access to information lets you carry out your mission. Do your work better and keep people safer. Spend less time on paperwork and more on patrol with Zuercher mobile solutions. Streamline your operations with solutions that work as well on your phone and laptop as they do on your desk.

A Better Way to Take Calls

Proven, efficient systems for 9-1-1 and CAD position your PSAP for the future.

When seconds count you need a Next Generation solution that can handle any emergency. Invest in long-term solutions for call processing and dispatch with industry-leading features to empower your staff to do more. Zuercher CAD+911 gives you a unified system that truly leverages the unique architecture of both systems.