Zuercher Mobile CAD

Zuercher Mobile CAD

Most of your work is done at the scene, in the field, and on the street. Zuercher Mobile CAD is designed to bring information from your dispatch center to the people on the front lines, who need it the most. Before you ring a doorbell or walk up to a car, Zuercher Mobile CAD gives you the information you need to keep everyone safe. You’re not waiting for radio traffic because you have everything you need at your fingertips. You can act—instead of react.

Stay safe with situational awareness

From your patrol car, you can silently and quickly search your Zuercher database for background on a name, address or vehicle, see the 911 call information, run your own NCIC query, or learn about a warrant or BOLO before you encounter a suspect. You can use AVL to see your own location and where other responders are on the map and even assign yourself to a call.

Your system, your way

Zuercher Mobile CAD is just as configurable as your desktop version, letting you pick your view, and set up your commands and mobile dashboard in a way that makes sense for your agency. Color-coded alerts and audio tones can be set up to notify you about the things you need to know, such as assignments to calls for service or NCIC returns.

Speed it up

You can put shortcuts on your screen that shave off seconds. Just hit a button to let dispatch know you’ve arrived. All the information from your Zuercher Mobile CAD fully integrates with your Zuercher Records, making your case reporting and follow-up that much faster.

Deliver operational missions to field officers

NEARme supplements Zuercher Mobile CAD by pushing proximity-based information to officers in the field. Calls for service, incidents, and person data are delivered to officers, based on where they are located. Optimize your patrol strategies and enhance situational awareness while on the move.