Implementation Process & Services

Zuercher Technologies uses a multi-phase approach to ensure a successful implementation for every client.  A trained and experienced implementation team progresses through the process with each agency to create clear goals and action items at each phase.

Project ManagementPublic Safety Software Implementation Process for Zuercher Technologies

Beginning at project inception, a dedicated Zuercher Technologies project manager works closely with each agency as a single point of contact to ensure that all milestones proceed according to schedule. The project manager conducts weekly status meetings and provides the agency with progress reports.

Kickoff Meeting

Upon contract signature, a kickoff meeting is scheduled. At the meeting, the implementation process, contract elements, and a tentative time line are  reviewed, along with initial project needs and expectations.

The installation of the servers and the Business Practice Review are scheduled. The servers must be installed before the Business Practice Review occurs so that the project team is able to show the agency how the system will work for them and how to start the configuration process.

Business Practice Review

During this meeting, the project team works with the agency to determine the contents of the Configuration Management Document (CMD). The project team meets with all applicable areas of the agency, along with key agency personnel to obtain a comprehensive understanding of operational needs and business rules. Often times, the project team observes daily operations firsthand.  This identifies how the Zuercher Suite system would best be configured to match and enhance workflow. All product needs and requests are reviewed, and the project team discusses how the software currently meets those needs or how future development of additional functionality will fulfill them.

This information is then used to create the CMD which is the blueprint for the engineering and product teams to understand the entire project. It contains:

CMD Approval

The project team reviews the CMD with the agency to ensure that all aspects of the initial proposal have been satisfied.

The CMD is approved and signed and a project schedule is finalized. Trainers begin working with designated agency personnel to complete the agency configurations. Any needed product enhancements undergo an intensive programming and testing process so they are ready for use. Interfaces are also configured and tested and the data conversion process is initiated.

Data Conversion

Data Conversion services for Public Safety SoftwareMany agencies have an existing store of data they would like to convert to their new software. What makes Zuercher Technologies’ data conversion process unique is that all conversions are handled before training and before the system goes live. The project team reviews with each agency what data is important to convert. Automated procedures are created that convert the data using a proprietary conversion tool. A specific methodology is then used to verify that all data is accurate. Because this is all done before training, any questions or challenges along the way can be addressed and solved, preventing downtime after implementation.

System Review

Once all of the items in the CMD have been completed, trainers from Zuercher Technologies spend a final session with the agency to review any questions or concerns. This also serves as a review of the product. The system is checked to verify proper functionality of all software, interfaces, configuration and equipment.


Zuercher Technologies offers the following options for training, all of which provide hands-on use of the software using the agency’s own data. When the go live date arrives, users are well-prepared to begin using the new software.

System Admin Training

Training begins with system administrators who are guided through configuring the Zuercher Suite system, setting up and maintaining code tables, managing users and user permissions, and other tasks unique to their position.

Complete End User Training

Public Safety Software TrainingThe project team uses knowledge of the agency gained through BPR to help plan end user training that is highly tailored to each agency’s procedures and needs. This ensures that users are trained not just on what the software can do, but on how they actually use it to perform their daily tasks.

Trainers conduct specialized courses for each of the agency’s user groups, such as dispatchers or officers, that are focused on the features of the software relevant to their roles. The content that is covered in each course is specifically tailored for each agency to include all features and functionality that is used by that group. Courses range in length based on the scope of software functionality to be used. Zuercher Technologies provides all needed training materials including reference guides and scenario worksheets.

Each course is divided into a classroom style segment and a hands-on segment. The classroom style segment includes an introduction to the overall integrated system and a detailed demonstration of features and functions relevant to that group’s job duties. The hands-on segment allows each user the opportunity to practice using the system in realistic situations appropriate to his or her job duties. Class sizes are limited in order to allow each person the opportunity to ask questions and gain sufficient hands-on experience.

Train the Trainer

Should an agency instead choose a train the trainer format, training sessions are conducted to provide in-depth, agency-specific training on the software to small, carefully selected groups of users who will then train the remaining agency staff. These courses are very similar in format to end user training courses but go into more detail so that agency trainers are well prepared to conduct training and are able to assist others once the system is live.

Go Live

Zuercher Technologies provides on-site support the day that the new system goes live. This helps agency staff feel comfortable using the new system and make an efficient transition. Any questions that arise are addressed immediately by the on-site team, ensuring that the first day using the new system goes smoothly. This well-organized event helps agency staff gain confidence and adopt the new system more rapidly.

System Acceptance

The agency reviews all aspects of the software, data conversion, and interfaces and any concerns are documented by the project team. This list of action items is addressed before the agency officially accepts the system.

After system acceptance, the support center becomes the point of contact for questions and concerns; however, the project team continues to be available during the transition.

Additional Training and Support

Agencies may consider refresher training in the future. Whether there are several new people in the agency or users just need a review, Zuercher Technologies offers additional training options.

The support team is also available to answer questions and to help with configurations.